An Elegant Sliding TV Wardrobe

    A unique project carried out by Hardoor together with a top designer in which we were asked to design a sliding wardrobe for a master bedroom taking into consideration several important parameters, such as style and design of the space, colours and textures, natural lighting etc.

      שנתקשר אליכם? השאירו שם וטלפון
      כ-3מ' רוחב
      טלוויזיה משולבת
      פרופיל משופע 4מ"מ
      דלתות זכוכית
      מנגנון רחף

      Our part in the Process

      The designer chose a "floating" sliding wardrobe with a built in TV in clean white to create a classic, elegant look for the space. The wardrobe reaches a height of three meters taking advantage of all the available space.

      At the end of the day, we gained a huge impressive wall which cannot be ignored.

      The wardrobe of choice.

      The Sesame TV wardrobe comes with a built in smart TV which is situated behind a glass surface on the same level as the doors themselves. The TV is controlled by way of a magic eye providing a perfectly enjoyable viewing experience.

      The wardrobe is fitted with slanted 4 mm profiles so that the finished look is dainty and almost unnoticeable. The overall look is clean and minimalist. The room is characterised by its light, warm colours without unnecessary cluttering of items, giving a clean precision look down to the last detail.

      The designer completed the look with a number of specific accessories to perfect the elegant and harmony in the space.